A Good Slice of Cheesecake


Is it necessary to get in a depressive mood in order to write? There are many things to write about that does not require mood alteration. There is the exhilaration of climbing Stone Mountain. There is a song that will always lift your spirits. And, there is always a good slice of cheesecake waiting to boost your moods. Sometimes for me, it is a few moments of silence that can pull me from under a rock.

Overused ideas, or slow materializing dreams, and incomplete rewards, will trick you into believing that you are not going to achieve your goals. Your mood changes and you seek a lift. What is there to do when stormy weather enters your life?

After the rain, a puddle of water remains. Pollen covers the hole like a blanket; life is barred from entry. But wait, be patience, for underneath the pollen blanket the earth is nourished and life is growing stronger. My dreams may sink into a puddle of doubt. That is when a good slice of cheesecake could change my perspectives. I live off the reassurance that I hold the hand of the divine. Slow and incomplete is the fulfilling of all my tomorrows. In the puddle of water, seeds of life begin the journey to reality and beauty. They stick their heads above the scum long enough to blossom and encourage me to travel on.

Thanks, Lord, for the huge rainbow that crosses the eastern sky and as I get closer to home it appeared to sit on my soul. When I turned into my driveway, the Rainbow is no longer visible. All that was left was little reassurances that I must go on. Rarely are my dreams fulfilled without divine stimulation. Now I know it is not necessary to get in a depressive mood in order to write.

What I need is a good slice of cheesecake will end the slump if and when it comes.