Where Are The Good & Just Politicians

The judge is just. The minister is good. Can one person be good and just? Before you brush-off the possibility of someone holding positions as Judge and Minister being both good and just there are some that hold both positions. When decisions are require that they exercise goodness and justice; how are they to act? The question however is not about judges and ministers. The question is whether one can be good and just.

To administrate justice would in some circumstances negate goodness. A working definition of goodness should include moral excellence, kindness, and compassion. To define just should require one to be impartial, neutral, and fair. These definitions are properly expected of judges and ministers, but from politicians it appears that we must ignore who is good, just, and accept whoever is popular.

Politicians tell us that they will be good when they take office, but their past failed promises have not revealed that as true. What many have shown is they are greedy, selfish, and uncaring of those they represent. Once they are in office the power and influence corrupts their better nature. Goodness is a trait they quickly discard. They take the oath of office and become like hungry lions caring only for themselves. To find a politician that is representative of what Romans 13 calls “God’s minister… for good.” We the voters will have to look hard to find one.

Nations should show traits of goodness and justice. Those traits are exemplified in the way it treats the least among them. Our neighbors who seek citizenship should have a clear path to get it. They have lived beside us, shopped, worshiped, and obeyed the laws of the state. It is clear in the scriptures that we are to treat them as “one born here.” We should not detest the foreigner that lives among us, for we were once foreigner in this land.

Politicians, now is the time to give our immigrant neighbors the chance for citizenship. Let their children born here have all the full rights of a citizen. Elected officers everywhere, do what is good and just.



Writing is a push/pull task for me.. The push/pull comes when I read a well crafted article or a thought or issue begs for my opinion. Should I say something about the way my heart and head struggle with supporting Bernie or Hillary? Maybe I need to give my opinion on Kendrick Lamar’s Grammys performance or Beyonce’s Super Bowl show.

Sometimes it is good to sit back with my feet up and snooze through the urge.

music nots

Look out, here comes the push/pull.Should I write a word or two about Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce?  No, that is a long line to join and I am already weary of that news. Whether these entertainers were trying to raise my fear or anger, sleep is ruling this mind. Let Beyonce and Kendrick give sizable donations to organizations that are fighting to change this culture of police brutality and African American disenfranchisement. Let them adopt schools in low income communities and affect a change because of their involvement. Then, I will take my feet down, open my eyes, and be more than entertained.

Political Race

What should I write about Clinton and Sanders, and Trump and Cruz? Well, the push/pull here is greater. The primary is the 1 March in my state. My mailbox is groaning under the weight of the political junk mail and my email box is peppered with campaign requests for money. Bernie is telling me how much better my life will be if I vote for him. Hillary on the other hand is trying to become an Obama clone. Bernie and Hillary are so serious that for the lighter side of politics, one has to tune-in to the Republican candidates to find humor. Trump and Cruz are mean and nasty. The titles are reversible. My question to the Republican party, with all your money is this the best you can do? Do you seriously think that independent voters are going to cross over for these clowns?

It was nice to read about the Secret Service agent Oliver Grant playing Tchaikovsky – Piano Concerto 1, doing a break in South Carolina.

Wait, Agent Grant is on to something. I think I will close down the computer and listen to Yo-Yo Ma & Bobby McFerrin perform – Ave Maria.

Bye y’all!