Why is it so difficult to write? I went out on the internet to find motivation but lost two hours researching tree stories. The reason for my interest in tree stories is because I want to do a podcast on children stories. Trees are tonight’s indulgences. I wasted time two nights before researching the cemeteries of Atlanta, especially Westview Cemetery. Westview has enough famous people buried there it could become a historical site. The cemetery is close enough to the Wren’s Nest to make a tour between the two a possibility.

The desire for stories was prompt by another one of my urges to do something. All my projects and dreams should sport a warning label “this project will die from neglect.” Trying to get passionate about these late night project is like striking two rocks together and hoping for a spark. So, what shall I do with dreams that don’t catch fire? Maybe, I should douse them with water, or smother them with dry straw. It will either put out the cinder or build a flame to keep my dreams warm and passionate.

Who know what idea will catch fire, so I will keep writing ideas on 3x5s for the day when I understand what is there to say about the subject. From this point on I will put a date on each card. By the time I get around to writing on the idea, I want to know how long it took my muse to activate.

Looking at these 3x5s, Maya Angelou name appeared thrice. The what for is not clear, but I remember that it was hearing her quote is how I discovered the “Conscientious Objector by Edna St Vincent Millay.” The line that stayed with me from the poem was “I shall die but that’s all I will do for death.” There should be some lingering words from Angelou’s writings but none are up front in my mind.

Flipping through the 3x5s a couple of writing prompts caught my eye. What was I to write about on the subject of monetizing livestock manure? Just where was I to take the idea of being attack by a rabid raccoon?  My notes cite This American Life as the source of these stories. Was the raccoon story to be told as funny or as a scary story?

Written in the margin of one card was another great idea gone nowhere. Why was I interested in becoming a professional reviewer? My initial research said reviewers do more than review books. They report on products such as phones, cameras, and other electronics. There is not much money to make if you are not with a big publishing house but you get a lot of free books and products. That last sentence reminded me of why I looked into this for a week; being a reviewer is a chance to get a better understanding of what people are writing about for current market.

These 3x5s have a lot of my curiosity, but not any with an urgent need to know the subject. Oh well, I might as well go to bed.


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