A woman had three men that loved her. They all wanted her hand in marriage, but she always declined their proposals. 

“No,” she said to the first lover. “No,” she said to the second and third lovers.

Each day they came with their proposals and with gold and other riches.  Still, her answer was the same, “No.”


If the first lover brought a bag of gold, the second lover brought two bags, and the third lover three bags.

Still, her answer was the same, “No, No, No.”

About now you are wondering, is there a problem with the woman’s thinking? Why not go for the gold, the deepest pockets?  Is there something wrong with the men?

Consider this: maybe she does not want to be a wife. Maybe, she has greater wealth than the men and is not impressed with their inferior offerings. Could she be seeking a commitment from them that can only come from the deep recesses of the heart?

working Woman with muscles

She could be thinking this is not time for marriage. “I have a mind I want to develop, other lovers to know, and adventures to explore.”  “So, my answer is No.”

“To be the wife now would shortchange me. Too much of the responsibility of bring up a family would fall on me.  What becomes of my dream when motherhood drains out the color? How much more encouragement can I give my children if I knew more about me?”


Oh, my children feel my passion, for the distant lands that I have visited.  Hear, my heart pounding as I recall running from a charging elephant. Dance with me to the thump, thump of the drums in at village wedding. See fields of flowers stretching beyond the horizon, see the snakes at their feet, see the killer bees suck their nectar.  No, my children I will not forsake life before marriage.

What can she be thinking of the three lovers?

Men who seek a heart should bring more than trinkets and precious ornaments. “Tell me your dreams,” she says. “Woo me with a passion for life that matches my own. Do not believe my heart is up for bid. Think that my Self seek to unite with another Self that has drunk the living waters.”

“If you bring me your joys, sorrows, your devotion, we can prosper together.”

But, each day they come with their proposals and with their gold and other riches.  Still, her answer is the same, “No, No, and No.”



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