What was on my mind when I decided to start a blog.

What was on my mind? At the time, which was May 2010, I wanted to blog about the African American church and its involvement in the climate change debate. There is a lot of information on the general Church involvement in the Environmental movement, but little on the black church.  In February 2006, 86 evangelical leaders signed an initiative on global warming. Among the signers were black church leaders like Bishop Charles Blake Sr., and Rev. Floyd Flake.  After that interest appears to have peaked. The problems are still there, but the emphasis from the black Church are more on environmental justice than conservation or policy.


Some leaders in the wider Evangelical community made salutary efforts to convince conservative voters and lawmakers to embrace the need for climate change regulation. Conservative Talk Radio hosts took the opposing side and the debate polarized America.  Both sides suffered from the debate.  Money for research disappeared, treaties languish in the US Senate, glaciers melted, and some evangelical organization changed leadership.  My blog was to keep the dialogue going, to inform the black church about policies, earth care, and environmental justice issues.


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